This application is search client service to analyze the tweets searched from Twitter! You can see the tweet analysis of the hash tag keyword on your mind and the analysis of the specific Twitter account.

Search & Analysis

You can see the list including the popular or influential accounts, the distribution of the Twitter registration dates (the visualization of the veterans and beginners,) the account languages, and the mostly used clients, hash tags, keywords, and links among the search result on Twitter.

Analysis of Account

On the analysis page of the Twitter account, you can see the recent popular tweet and trend of the corresponding account. The popular tweets and trend are graphically summarized.


You can see the analysis of the home timeline and the analysis of the latest tweets. You can store the keyword you want to follow as a search memo. With other functions, you can use it more conveniently.

Worldwide Twitter


Yesterday's Hashtags on 2014-04-23 (UTC+9)

People on Twitter

The list of Twitter Users by country. Most followed, Newest..

Release Notes